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1. Shortage of Blood.

Our nation requires 4 crores units of blood and only 40 lakh units are actually available. Experts predicts demand for blood in India will increase significantly over the next 10 years.

2. It helps others save lives.

Donating blood is an active way of helping others and the whole of society. Blood donation is an altruistic noble gesture and one of the simplest, least expensive and a healthy way to contribute to the society.

3. For you, it’s just a few moments of your day but for patients, it is life saver.

Specialist medical staff are available at all times during the donation, which is a simple, safe and painless procedure. Also there is no risk to the donors.

4. Donations – the only way of obtaining blood.

Despite medical and technological advances, blood cannot currently be made. Selling of blood is an illegal act in India, thus , the only way of getting blood is via blood donations from people willing to give blood. The Blood Donors Club plays a very active role in connecting the patients / people in the need of blood to the blood donors.

5. Each donation can help up to three different people.

Because each blood donation provides three different blood components, each with its own role in treating patients, it can help up to three different people.

6. Blood and its components have a limited life
  • Red blood cell concentrates can be kept for 42 days.
  • Plasma can be stored for a year.
  • Platelets can be kept for five days.
  • Therefore it is necessary that there is constant availability of donors.
    • 7. Blood is used every day: we need 36,000 donations per day in India

      Because the need for blood is constant, so is the need for donations. Every day, all the hospitals and clinics in India need blood and blood components to treat patients, since most surgical interventions and a great number of medical procedures require blood transfusions.

      • Accident and burns victims – A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood.
      • Cancer patients – It is estimated that more than 1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year; most cancer patients will require blood, sometimes daily, or during their chemotherapy treatment.
      • For those undergoing surgery.
      • People with bleeding disorders like haemophilia.
      • People with immune system disorders.
      • People with sickle cell anaemia.
        • 8. Donating blood – Supreme service to mankind

          Life is precious, and the most humane thing is to save life. Remember that men can give blood up to four times a year – women up to three times –provided there ia an interval of at least two months between donations. Every donation made by you will go towards saving a life in need.

          9. Blood use is growing

          Transfusions of blood and blood components have become an essential part of healthcare today. The increase in life expectancy, the creation of specialist intensive-care units, and the essential and ongoing needs of certain patients suffering diseases that were previously considered to be incurable, suggests that the demand for blood continues to grow.

          10. Human body is the best storage of blood.

          Since blood has a short life span , it is ideal if a donor is available when there is a need .The real problem is not that there are no willing people to donate blood but it is the availability of donor with the right blood group at the right time which creates a problem. The Save Life India Blood Donors Club connects the needy person to fulfill the requirement.